UT – Pan American Students Visit the CNM for Hands-On Instrument Training

The Center for Nano- and Molecular Science (CNM), in conjunction with its National Science Foundation Center for Chemical Innovation , has initiated a materials chemistry research partnership with the University of Texas – Pan American (UTPA), a primarily undergraduate university located in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. Through this partnership, which is also supported financially by the UT-Austin Vice President for Research, UTPA students are able to travel to UT-Austin to utilize CNM facilities and equipment that are not available to them at their home institution. The students also receive hands-on instrument training from CNM facility managers and are able to interact with UT-Austin faculty and students to discuss their research and receive feedback and assistance with data interpretation.

In May 2011, Dr. Aijie Han (UTPA, Dept. of Chemistry) and a group of 6 UTPA students visited the CNM to receive training and analyze their samples on  our Kratos Ultra XPS and Hitachi X-5500 SEM/STEM . Facility managers provided hands-on training to the students, and an introduction to the CNM’s time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometer (TOF-SIMS ). The students and Dr. Han also met and discussed their research with CNM and CCI faculty members during their visit.