NANO NIGHT 2011—Poster Competition Winners

The CNM’s Graduate Portfolio Program in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology held its 10th annual Nano Night on Thursday, April 14, 2011. Nano Night is an event showcasing graduate students’ and postdoctoral fellows’ research.  Nearly 40 nanoscience research posters were displayed, depicting a variety of topics and findings, and participating students and postdocs fielded multiple questions from fellow researchers, faculty members and industry representatives.

Nano Night included participation from industry contacts, who served as poster judges and also donated prizes.  The evening  culminated with judges awarding prizes to the outstanding posters listed below.  We enjoyed the turnout for Nano Night 2011 and look forward to continuing this annual tradition of highlighting nanoscience research on the UT campus.

We extend special thanks to all of our industry sponsors for Nano Night 2011:

A list of Nano Night 2011 winners and poster titles is provided below:

Postdoc Awards
1st– $100
Probing the Origin of Conjugated Polymer Film Morphology: Chain Interaction in a P3HT Derivative Triblock Copolymer
Presenter: Johanna Brazard
Research Group: Barbara and Vanden Bout

Graduate Student Awards
1st– $200
Optically Triggered Vaporization of a Photoacoustic and Ultrasound Contrast Agent
Presenter: Katheryne Wilson
Research Group: Emelianov

Solvent Annealing to Control Silicon-Containing Block Copolymer Orientation
Presenter: Logan J. Santos
Research Group: Willson

3rd– $50 & LabView student Edition (donated by National Instruments)
Super Resolution Imaging of Gold Metal Nanoparticles
Presenter: Karole Blythe
Research Group: Willets
(Image coming soon) Industry-Sponsored Awards
Hitachi Award – Cordless Power Drill
CIS Nanocrystals for Solution-Processable Photovoltaics
Presenter: Matthew Panthani (graduate student)
Research group: Korgel

Xidex Award – iPod
Nanoparticles for Use in an Electrocatalytic Amplification Scheme: Synthesis & Characterization
Presenter: Salome Ngatia (graduate student)
Research Group: Stevenson

National Instruments Award- DAQ with software
Energy transport in Graphene
Presenter: Insun Jo (graduate student)
Group: Shi